General information

Place: MAPMAS will be held in Barcelona (Spain) at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC).

The Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM) is the largest Spanish centre for the stufy of Marine Sciences. ICM has excellent facilities and a permanent staff of more than 60 researchers, with well-recognized scientists on the fields of Biological, Chemical and Physical Oceanography. It is located near downtown Barcelona, right by the beach and besides a city harbour.

Dates: 3rd – 6th October 2017.


  • Submission of abstracts for presentations: September 13
  • Confirmation of presentation’s acceptance by the Scientific Committee: September 14

Scientific Committee: J. A. Jiménez-Madrid (UPC), E. García-Ladona (ICM-CSIC), J. Ballabrera (ICM-CSIC), E. Berdalet (ICM-CSIC), S. Kuikka (UHEL), A. Palanques (ICM-CSIC), M. Solé (ICM-CSIC), A. Padial (SASEMAR), M. García Sotillo (Puertos del Estado).

Local Organizer Committee: J. A. Jiménez-Madrid (UPC), E. García-Ladona (ICM-CSIC), J. Ballabrera (ICM-CSIC), E. Berdalet (ICM-CSIC), N. Figueras (ICM-CSIC).

Inscriptions: Open until September 13 or until the room reaches capacity (100 persons). Click here to register.

Fee: There is an inscription fee of 100€. It should be transferred to the bank account with IBAN number ES03 3025 0014 06 1400051916 (Caixa Enginyers). Please do not forget to indicate your name followed by MAPMAS registration in the concept of the bank transfer. Thanks!
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Feel free to download MAPMAS’ flyer.