Invited speakers:

Sakari Kuikka (University of Helsinki). Modelling oil spill impacts in the Gulf of Finland

Ian D MacLeod (Western Australian Maritime Museum). Modelling decay of WWII iron shipwrecks and prediction of collapse during severe storms

Nikolai Maximenko (Hawaii University). Circulation of marine debris from the 2011 tsunami in Japan studied with a synthesis of numerical models and observational reports

Markku Viitasalo (SYKE. Finnish Environment Institute). Biodiversity inventories support protection and sustainable use of the marine ecosystem – case studies Finland and Zanzibar



Baya Aissaoui (National Institute of Agronomy of Tunisia)

Joaquím Ballabrera (ICM-CSIC)

Pablo Benjumeda Herreros (SASEMAR). Sasemar 101: 10 years of Maritime Surveillance. History, trends and future challenges

Elisa Berdalet (ICM-CSIC)

Frank Braunschweig (Action Modulers, Consulting & Technology, Lda.). Towards an Integrated Service for Water Quality Monitoring in Mamaia Beach, Romania

Pablo Cerralbo (Maritime Engineering Laboratory (LIM-UPC)). Operational HR oil spill modelling for short-term harbour management

Montserrat Compa Ferrer (Instituto Español de Oceanografia). Long term coastal marine litter in the Balearic Sea

Álvaro de Pascual Collar (Puertos del Estado). Operational oceanography (OO) in support of marine pollution and SAR operations: Present status and short-term future prospective of the CMEMS & PdE products and services in Spanish waters

Rodrigo Fernandes (Action Modulers, Consulting & Technology, Lda.). An holistic platform to improve safety, environmental and operational port performances: application in the Port of Lisbon

Neus Figueras (ICM-CSIC)

Mònica Filella Subirà (EMS, S.L.U./ Liquid Robotics)

Emili García-Ladona (ICM-CSIC)

Antonio García-Olivares (ICM-CSIC). Quantifying the long-term hazard and risk of oil pollution on European coasts

Marcos García Sotillo (Puertos del Estado)

Ester González Hernando (Direcció General de Protecció Civil – Generalitat de Catalunya)

Jordi Isern Fontanet (ICM-CSIC). Reconstruction of ocean currents from existing satellite observations: the challenge of high resolution dynamics

José A. Jiménez-Madrid (UPC)

Christine Ladiero (IUAV)

Juan Manuel Lázaro (SASEMAR). Picasso project. New technology for aerial SAR operations to detect people and small objects at sea

Annukka Lehikoinen (University of Helsinki, Research group of Fisheries and Environmental Management). To eat or not to eat? Two systems analytic approaches to evaluate the sustainable use of the dioxin-rich Baltic herring and salmon

Lorena Lizarraga (University of Westminster)

Ana Maria Mancho (ICMAT-CSIC). Dynamical systems and transport processes in the ocean: an application to an oil spill event

Miguel Moll Kraft (EMS, S.L.U./ Liquid Robotics). Liquid Robotics WAVE GLIDER : Solutions for Maritime Pollution and Safety

Fernando Nieto (no affiliation)

Antonio Padial (SASEMAR)

Néstor Perales (SASEMAR). Picasso project. New technology for aerial SAR operations to detect people and small objects at sea

Patricia Pérez Pérez (Centro Tecnológico del Mar – Fundación CETMAR). MARINER Project. Enhancing HNS preparedness through training and exercising

Giuliano Petroni (Blu Marine Service). Blue Packaging Project – Pioneering initiative to reduce packaging waste at source through the use of a promising bio-based material as a sustainable alternative to EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) boxes in the fisheries

Juan Peña Ibañez (Babcock MCS Spain). Sasemar 101: 10 years of Maritime Surveillance. History, trends and future challenges

Cinta Porte (IDAEA-CSIC). Use of in-vitro bioassays to characterize the environmental quality of benthic ecosystems

Elena Prieto (Ports de la Generalitat. Generalitat de Catalunya)

Muro Puig Loverdos (EMS, S.L.U./ Liquid Robotics)

Cristina Romera-Castillo (ICM-CSIC). Dissolved organic carbon leaching from marine plastics and its effect on heterotrophic microbes

Sarah-Jeanne Royer (University of Hawaii at Manoa). Plastic marine pollution as a physical support to spread harmful algae

Cristina Ruiz Jara (no affiliation)

Javier Sáez (SASEMAR). Fuel removal from shipwrecks. Woodford. Oleg Naydenov

Jordi Sandalinas (Image Sea Solutions). Marine Spatial Planning & Marine Strategy Framework Directives: Two deadlines to meet before 2022

Miguel Santos (CIMAR/CIIMAR – Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research, University of Porto). Environmental Impact Assessment of HNS spills: Combining HNS Databases and Dispersion models

Vanessa Sarah Salvo (Surfrider Foundation Europe – Spanish delegation). Marine Litter lessons learned by Surfrider Foundation Europe

Adriana Sardi (University of Tromsø). Using antioxidant biomarkers for biomonitoring diesel contamination impacts in subtropical habitats: lessons learned

Joana Soares (CIIMAR)

Montserrat Solé (ICM-CSIC). The use of biochemical biomarkers to assess marine pollution

Ignasi Vallès Casanova (ICM-CSIC). Lagrangian stream-functions and transit times